Hello and welcome to my photo site!  

What began as a hobby … soon became a passion. Taking a camera in hand and being able to catch the true persona of an individual or group is exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding. To really see and capture that persona is a tremendous feeling.

I have begun to "see" better than ever before. I am learning to "see" what matters . . . what is really important; and how to look beyond the things that tend to distract. If this sounds a bit like life, that's no accident.

Photography gives me an outlet to let YOU see what I see. Whether it is the timid smile of a child, or wisdom in the eyes of a mature adult . . . a beautiful landscape, that God created, or the stark realities that exist within a city. There's beauty to be seen in everything, and I ask you to come on this journey with me, as we really "see" what is before us. Enjoy the ride!

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Nashville, TN